Dat Dog



The Good
  • Delicious Food
  • Great Atmosphere
The Bad
  • Tad Pricey



Hot Dogs, not dawgs, are one of my favorite foods. Dat Dog has something special with the way they serve up their classic American fare. I get that Dat Dog appears to have won the hot dog competition in Lafayette, but it’s because they really do server up some great food. I’ve been to both locations in New Orleans, and the one here in Lafayette multiple times. I’ve never had a bad meal. The “Dat Chick” the Buffalo Chicken, and the Guiness Special are some of my favorites just to name a few. I’ve had most of the menu over the years and I’ve never been disappointed. I only marked off points because it can get a tad expensive. If this were some sort of high class or gourmet food, I might be more understanding, but it’s hot dogs at the end of the day. (Ignoring the chicken dogs) I still love it and enjoy every visit.

Beer can also be a bit pricey as well. To put it into perspective, the restaurant is located on Jefferson street. It also happens to be just a few doors down from the Green Room. A purple haze at the Green Room, currently, costs about $5. This exact same beer, just a few doors down, will run about $7 at Dat Dog. Don’t get me wrong, I get that they have their reasons. I just tend to do any drinking for the evening at Green Room and make my way down to Dat Dog afterwards for a bite.


I’m strictly going to base this on the Lafayette location. The newest addition to the Dat Dog brand is in Lafayette, and the atmosphere is outstanding. Seriously. this giant building with two stories of space, huge bar, and plenty of seating makes for quite the experience. They have trivia once a week. I’ve never attended, (I’m dumb) but I’ve heard it’s a very well done event each. The music is not too loud, the kitchen, despite being open, isn’t overbearing. I really enjoy being here.


I literally have no complaints on this. I’ve never once struggled to order. My food has never taken a long time. Every employee has been punctual and courteous throughout my visit. Perfect score for this category.


This is also one of the highlights of my visits each time I go. I tend to sit at the bar, if I’m not with a group, and the visit is always enjoyable. The bartenders here are great at making small talk and knowing when someone just wants a beer. I’ve always found that to be a great trait in a server or bartender. Being a people person is easy, in my opinion, but knowing when people just want to be alone is much harder. These bartenders seem to always know the balance. Well done.


Aside from being a tad expensive in some cases, this is one of my favorite places to eat in the downtown area. They have some very good restaurants down there too. Dat Dog is one of the ultimate late night places to get a bite, especially one that is fresh and professionally put together by people who appear to actually give a shit. I cannot recommend Dat Dog enough.