Mae Sone Noodle House Review

Mae Sone Noodle House



The Good
  • One hell of a broth
  • Simple menu
  • Solid service
The Bad
  • Slow kitchen
  • Bad decor
  • Bad location

I’m gonna start this one off strong. This is the best Pho place in Lafayette. With all the damn Pho places popping up left and right, it’s a miracle that one stands above the rest, but Mae Sone really pulls it off. The broth just tastes so damn good. Everything about Mae Sone, from the broth, to the noodles, to the meat itself is on fire. I mean it. I like places like Saigon and Photastic, but Mae Sone just has a charm and flavor that those two don’t have. The eggrolls at Mae Sone are better as well. This selections are about the same at all these places, but this one really stands out in the end as the best tasting one that I can think of.


Okay, this is a strange category for this place. I’ll give places like Saigon and Photastic points because they try hard to put a theme to the place. Saigon has this waterfall fixture in front of the door and Photastic has a modern Asian flair. Not Mae Sone. Ohhh no. This place is like it’s an oriental child’s birthday, and the family decided to invite some friends over, so they just put table covers on things and had some random photos hung on the wall. I’m not saying it looks bad, but the effort is certainly different than some of the other places in town. It does have a particular charm to it, but doesn’t really turn any heads when you walk in.


This is another downfall of this place the last couple of times I’ve visited. The kitchen likely doesn’t have many people working in it, so the wait times for food are a little long. I’m not sure if they’re that busy making other things, but I feel confident that the broth is already made and they just need to work with the different meats and put a few different veggies on a plate. Bare in mind, I know how much work goes into making the broth on it’s own, but once it’s prepared, it’s not a very daunting task to put the ingredients together in a bowl. Correct me in the comments if I’m wrong. I’ll be nice… maybe.


The service is usually run by one server. This is okay considering the dining room does not have a lot of tables to serve. If there were any more though, it would be a problem. Happily, the server can take care of the clients relatively well. That being said, I feel confident that if she got triple or quadruple sat, the level of service would fall dramatically. I’m basing this upon observing her during a relatively decently busy service.


Once again, let me reiterate, this is the best Pho in the city. The broth is just a step above the rest, so might I suggest to take a trip here and get your noodle on. You might not have the best service and the atmosphere might not be the best, but the flavor is worth it in the end. Seriously, you’re going to have a good meal here. Don’t doubt it.