Thai With Love Review in Lafayette

Thai With Love



The Good
  • Awesome flavor
  • Simple menu
  • Daily specials
The Bad
  • Boring dining room
  • Sometimes slow kitchen

This is one of my favorite Thai places to eat here in Lafayette. Get the food to go, because the atmosphere is pretty boring, but the food is outstanding. This is the best tasting Thai in Lafayette hands down. A lot of people will debate this heavily, but I assure you that it’s the best. The curry is one of my favorite things to get here. I’ve had the Pad Thai and it’s pretty good as well. I had to mark down a few points because of the many times that I’ve visited before, sometimes my food was not spiced right or the one time they gave me tofu instead of chicken. The spice is on point, the flavor is explosive, and the food is just damn good.


Listen Now

This is the biggest shortfall with this restaurant. I always get my food to-go because eating inside is a little depressing. The decor is primarily Thai influenced, so that’s on point, but everything else just makes me sad. The lighting is all fluorescent and boring. The paintings on the walls are all for sale, apparently, and are not very interesting to look at. The booths look like booths that Mel’s Diner put out back one day. Or Chuckie Cheese. Who knows. if this place were to dim the restaurant down, play some nice music, and turn off the crappy TV with always has soccer on, it would be such a nice place to sit and eat. Until then, I’ll eat in the comfort of my own home.


When I call in my orders, it’s usually pretty quick, but if I order in, the wait time ranges from 10-20 minutes. My go-to order is the curry, so I could understand how it’ll take a little time. During the lunch rush, things can get a little slow. I went with a group of about 7 co-workers during lunch one day and it took about 30 minutes for everyone to get their food. Not terrible, but when you have to return to work, this can be rough.


The service is usually pretty solid. The person at the counter, it varies from time to time, is usually pretty friendly and quick to take your order. I wish they would get a regular credit card machine, as they use the Square on a phone. It’s not the end of the world because I know that Square is a relatively safe name in credit card payments, but the fact that my card is going through someone’s cell phone can be a little worrisome. I know many people don’t care about a thing like that, but if you do care, bring cash.


As I said earlier, this is my favorite Thai place in the city. It’s not the best place to sit and eat on a date, but if the way to your significant other’s heart if through their stomach, this place with satisfy. The curry is incredible, the Pad Thai is really good, and I forgot to mention that the egg rolls are pretty damn good too. Give it a try and you’ll love it like I do.