Osaka Sushi Review Lafayette

Osaka Sushi



The Good
  • Good pho
  • Decent service
The Bad
  • Very slow kitchen
  • Dark restaurant
  • Pricey for quality

Osaka sushi is a pretty popular sushi joint here in town. They’ve got a pretty good menu, albeit that it’s the same as all the other sushi places in town, but the skills of the chef is solid. They have a couple of other options on their menu that aren’t bad either. The last couple of times that I’ve gone to Osaka, I’ve gotten the Pho. I’m a big lover of some good Pho. Osaka has a solid broth. Sushi wise, I don’t think it’s the best place in town though. A lot of time, American’s tend to think that the fish is the important part of the sushi, but this isn’t true. The rice makes the sushi good. Osaka has an okay rice, but the nigiri isn’t something that I would usually order from this place. The other sushi is all Americanized. The “Lafayette” roll and the “Philadelphia” roll, to name a few. The point I’m trying to make is that it’s okay sushi, but could stand to be a lot better.


My biggest complaint is that this place is really really dim. I’m perfectly fine without that much light, but there are no windows. The only windows at the front of the restaurant are covered, so there is no natural light in the place. Usually, dim lights are good for a date or something like that, but if you just want to go out and have a quick lunch or perhaps a little dinner with some friends, it’s not the best mood. The decor isn’t too bad, but I wish there wasn’t a giant TV screen behind the sushi bar. It’s a little too much.


This is easily one of the slower places in town. Seriously, I’ve come here a couple of times for lunch and always been late to get back to work. The time it takes for the sushi is a little over the top. Don’t get me wrong, I understand fully that sushi is an “art” and that making the rolls takes some time, but 45 minutes or more is too much during a lunch rush. The other items on the menu don’t take nearly as much time, but the real problem is that they bring out the cooked meals before the sushi, so you end up eating the hot food prior to the sushi even coming out. Big points lost for the time being lost as well.


I will say that this is one of the redeeming factors of Osaka. The service is usually pretty solid. I’ve had quite a few servers who have been very good at their job and taken great care of our tables. I’ve had one bad experience where the service could have been better, but as I said, it’s usually on point and I leave happy.


Osaka is an American sushi restaurant with primarily Americanized rolls and a okay rice. The pho and hot meals are pretty good, but there is better pho places in town and better places to get teriyaki chicken. Osaka does have good service, but the experience as a whole isn’t one that makes me want to go back all the time. I’ll go there on occasion with my co-workers, but I will usually choose a better place if I have the option.



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